Solidness and knowledge

Updated: Mar 17

Knowledge, being most likely in some physical sense a lack of change in the brain, should be related to coldness and solidness in the mind and in language, as well as other things which we relate to coldness by default such as lower excitement, order, darkness, bluer colors, stillness, low-pitch, the direction down and inwardness, with some potentially relevant expressions being “true as steel,” “stone cold sober,” “the golden rule” (solid/bright—knowledge), “one cannot love and be wise,” “the cold light of day” (cold—bright—reality), “cold hard facts” (cold—solid—reality), “study hard,” “bullet proof” (solid—knowledge), “carved in stone” (solid—certain), “air tight” (certain—enclosed fluid), “firm belief,” (solid—in—certain), “fact of the matter” (solid—reality), “matter of fact” (solid—reality), “hard evidence” (solid—reality), “heart of the matter” (in—solid—reality), “a firm grasp on” (solid—in—knowledge), “well grounded” (solid—reality), “on solid ground” (solid—solid—knowledge), “wisdom tooth” (knowledge—solid), “crystallized intelligence” (solid—knowledge), “crystal clear” (solid—order—knowledge), “clarity” (order—knowledge), “steel trap mind” (solid—in—knowledge), “that figures” (order—knowledge), “you don't know shit,” (solid—knowledge), “hit the nail on the head” (solid—reality), “I can feel it in my bones” (solid—knowledge), “true blue” (reality—dark), “instill” (static—knowledge), “a still tongue makes a wise head” (static—knowledge), "rest assured" (static—certain), “what it boils down to” (fluid—down—reality), “whistle past the graveyard” (high-pitch—lack of knowledge), “understand” (down—knowledge), “get to the bottom of” (down—knowledge), “down to Earth” (down—knowledge) “double down” (many—down—knowledge), “I gathered that” (in—knowledge), “confirm” (solid—certain) and “information” (in—solid—knowledge).

It might be expected that we relate weight to solidness, and should therefore think of knowledge as being heavier than lack of knowledge. This is sometimes apparent in language, as in "know a ton about it" and "that's heavy."

Roundness and knowledge

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