Fluidity and learning

Updated: Feb 26

The expressions we use to describe learning, or changes in the brain, seem to indicate that brain heat, fluidity and disorder are part of the learning process, which is arguably a sensible assumption. Some relevant expressions, in that they imply a relation between learning and heat, fluidity, disorder, light, speed, high-pitch and the direction up include “hot topic,” “burning question” (hot—inquiry), “prepare to be shocked” (hot—learn), “blown away” (fluid—out—learn), “the blow by blow” (fluid—fluid—learning), “stirring news” (fluid—new), “soak up” (fluid—up—learn), “like a sponge” (fluid—learn), “thirst for knowledge” (fluid—learn), “the foggiest idea” (fluid—unknown), “hate to break it to you” (disorder—learn), “breaking news” (disorder—novel), “what’s cracking” (disorder—inquiry), “what’s shaking” (disorder/dynamic—inquiry), "crash course" (disorder—learn fast), “see how things shake out” (disorder/dynamic—out—learn), “bright idea” (bright—learn), “bring to light” (bright—learn), “shed light” (out—bright—learn), “it dawned on me” (bright—learn), “air of mystery” (fluid—mystery), “Enlightenment” (light—widespread learning), “news flash” (novel—bright), "bring you up to speed” (up—dynamic—learn), “the run down” (dynamic—down—learn), “the buzz” (high-pitch—new), “find out” (out—learn), “figure out” (out—learn), “far out,” (out—learn), “expand your mind” (out—learn), “it’s up in the air” (up—fluid—unknown), “explode the myth” (out—learn), “burst your bubble” (out—learn), “the answer is blowing in the wind” (fluid—mystery), “Dark Ages” (darkness—lack of learning) and “what the hell?” To the extent learning is the same as experiencing a novel stimulus, our descriptions of novelty should be similar to those of learning. Few would argue that novel experiences are less exciting than common ones, or that something new isn’t more exciting than something old, thus novelty should prove to be semantically related to fluidity, disorder and other heat-related phenomena, with potentially relevant expressions being “nothing new under the sun,” “new blood” (new—fluid/bright), “breath new life” (fluid—new—dynamic), “you can’t put new wine in old bottles” (new—fluid—old—in/container), “break new ground,” (disorder—new—solid), “new slant” (new—disorder), “new wrinkle” (new—disorder), “see in a new light” (new—bright), “bright as a new pin” (bright—new), “ring in the new year” (high-pitch—new), and “ring out the old and ring in the new” (high-pitch—out—old—high-pitch—in—new).

Solidness and knowledge

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