List 2: Less exciting things in simple sequences

Updated: Apr 5

Following is a list of the less exciting qualities cold—solid—order—dark—static—down—in arranged in all possible pairs with each other, followed by examples of similarly structured popular expressions along with counts of the number of expressions associated with each quality.

Cold—cold (0), cold—solid/solid—cold (4: cold as ice, freezing cold, stone cold, bone chilling), cold—order/order—cold (0), cold—dark/dark—cold (0), cold—static/static—cold (0), cold—down/down—cold (0), cold—in/in—cold (3: cool, calm and collected, take a chill pill), solid—solid (4: hard rock, rock hard, stonewalling, on solid ground), solid—order/order—solid, (2: hard line, road block), solid—dark/dark—solid (1: the pot calling the kettle black), solid—static/static—solid (6: silver bullet, death metal, sleep like a log, sleep like a rock, die hard, dead weight), solid—down/down—solid (12: hard landing, the harder they fall, hit rock bottom, jaw dropping, down to earth, come down hard on, well grounded, under the hammer, bring the hammer down, bury the hatchet, like a stone, deep shit, dip shit), solid—in/in—solid (12: hard pressed, hard hearted, hard core, a hard pill to swallow, fed up to the back of the teeth, bag of bones, box of rocks, boots on the ground, eat shit, in a nutshell, suck it, shit-canned), order—order (0), order—dark/dark—order (2: rhythm of the night, shadowy figure), order—static/static—order (0), order—down/down—order (4: fall in line, sub standard, down the line, fall flat), order—in/in—order (2: gridlock, get it right), dark—dark (1: all black and blue), dark—static/static—dark (3: in the still of the night, the dead of night, how can you sleep at night), dark—down/down—dark (0), dark—in/in—dark (3: holy night, in the black, deep dark secret), static—static (0), static—down/down—static (3: under arrest, dead and buried, deep sleep), static—in/in—static (1: sleep in), down—down (5: bottom drops out, dive in, settle down, underlying, on the down low), down—in/in—down (9: down the rabbit hole, down the drain, under cover, under the bus, in too deep, sink like a stone, keep it down, get down, deep understanding), in—in (3: look deep inside yourself, cave in, pull it together).

Longer simple sequences of less exciting things include “eat shit and die” (insolidstatic), "does a bear shit in the woods" (solid—in—solid), and “deadly nightshade” (staticdarkdark).

List 3: Mixed sequences

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