List 4: Cultural mixtures

Updated: Apr 5

Hotcold/coldhot (3: Dante's devil, hot fudge sundaes, fried ice cream); hotsolid/solidhot (2: hot stone massage, hot potato); hotorder/orderhot (0); hotdark/darkhot (1: coffee); hotstatic/statichot (0); hotdown/downhot (1: walking on coals); hotin/inhot (3: fire swallowing, jack o'lanterns, barbeques, bathhouses); fluidcold/coldfluid (cold drinks, ice swimming); fluidsolid/solidfluid (9: iced drinks, food, soup, cereal, clay, play dough, sand, fountains, rainchains, chewing gum, ice cream); fluidorder/orderfluid (3: lava lamps, fish tanks, water walls); fluiddark/darkfluid (2: the Yin Yang symbol, calligraphy); fluidstatic/staticfluid (2: flowers, water burials); fluiddown/downfluid (7: chandeliers, water skiing, surfing, flowers from above, water slides, water walls, decorative ponds, The Cisterns of Copenhagen); fluidin/influid (3: kissing, blood oaths, water fights); disordercold/colddisorder (0); disordersolid/soliddisorder (0); disorderorder/orderdisorder (4: music, dance, games, sports); disorderdark/darkdisorder (0); disorderstatic/staticdisorder (0), disorderdown/downdisorder (17: dancing, gladiators, stadium sports, the moonwalk, wrestling, falling down as a joke, tackling in American football, YoYo tricks, skateboard tricks, olympic diving, 52 card pickup, Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, mud wrestling, head-banging, monster trucks running over cars, flirtatious handkerchief dropping, curtsey), disorderin/indisorder (1: pretzels), brightcold/coldbright (0), brightsolid/solidbright (7: jewels, jewelry, trophies, pearls, gold, silver, pots of gold at ends of rainbows), brightorder/orderbright (1: lasers); brightdark/darkbright (5: mood lighting, glow in the dark things, popular green things, flags, motley jester attire), brightstatic/staticbright (0), brightdown/downbright (6: lights under cars, shoes with lights, hells, shiny shoes, shoe shining, flying saucer beams), brightin/inbright (1: pumpkins), dynamiccold/colddynamic (2: ice skating, hockey), dynamicsolid/soliddynamic (4: bowling, hitting balls with sticks, game piece action, car racing, hand movements during talking), dynamicorder/orderdynamic (1: Rubik's Cube), dynamicdark/darkdynamic (0), dynamicstatic/staticdynamic (1: hunting), dynamicdown/downdynamic (8: skydiving, high diving, downhill skiing, bungee jumping, slam dunks, spiking a volleyball, dribbling a basketball, making snow angels, stadium sports), dynamicin/indynamic (3: the pat-a-cake game, handshakes, tipping a hat), upcold/coldup (3: ice sculptures, ice palaces, snowmen), upsolid/solidup (6: raising glasses, pyramids, stacking stones, Stonehenge, top hats, weight lifting), uporder/orderup (2: stairs, pyramids), updark/darkup, (2: witches, blue police car lights), upstatic/staticup (3: moonwalking, tree burial, gravestones), updown/downup (7: jumping on beds, Yo-yo's, dribbling in basketball, swinging, baby bouncers, teeter totters, roller coasters), upin/inup (4: making a basket in basketball, making a field goal, a hole in one, high fives, Galoppen), outcold/coldout (1: throwing snow), outsolid/solidout (7: skipping stones, hitting balls, kicking balls, pitching, clay pigeons, Ironman, Terminator), outorder/orderout (0), outdark/darkout (0), outstatic/staticout (1: sexual bondage), outdown/downout (0), outin/inout (9: darts, archery, soccer goals, field goals, skee ball, flying saucers, tennis, passing a football, golf, show throwing, sex).

Up—round (21: disco balls, baseballs, basketballs, domes, bubbles, snowmen, hats, PEZ dispensers, lollypops, cotton candy, the Times Square Ball Drop, Christmas tree ornaments, halo’s, Atlas holding up the Earth, the orientation of the world map, neck elongation, monster truck tires running over cars (also down—disorder), bubbles in wine, balloons, flying saucers, Buddha levitating over a stream, handheld fans, decorative peacocks, bindis).

Out—round (snowballs, bowling).

Many—round (5: Skittles, spots, polka dots, gumball machines, guessing the number of jellybeans in a jar).

High-pitch—low-pitch (3: music, song, baby talk)

High-pitch—down (7: amphitheaters, clapping, playing piano, tap dancing, clicking heels, firecrackers, Kellogg's Snap, Crackle, Pop serial).

High-pitch—round (2: baby rattles, popping bubble wrap).

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